F&M Cinegetica


fmcinegetica         F&M Cinegetica is a trademark of our company of hunters. Through our hunting society we managed directly various hunting areas, from the vast plain to the great mountains of Carpathian, with an area of almost 50 000 hectares, where you can hunt from the little quail to bigs brown bears.
After finishing our licenses, we can offer hunting trips in pal areas with we collaborate from  many years.
Hunting trip in Romania is a unique experience. Romania is the country where you can hunt brown bears, chamois, wild boars, stags, roe buks, fallow deers, without forgetting lynxs, wolfs and other species of small game. All species where we hunt are wild, in open hunting areas. To enjoy a good trip we must choose the period as soon we can, because each species has a long hunting period, but inside it has an optimal period. By each hunter can be organized short trips (2-3 hunting days) or long trips (5-7 hunting days).

       We expect in Romania!

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